Hello, I am a T-shaped UX professional who has been working on the web since 2006.

I am currently employed as Front-End Engineer at Deloitte Digital in Seattle, WA.

What I bring to the table

  1. Sketching

    Whether pencil, pen, or dry-erase marker, I am comfortable and adept at visualizing my ideas through low-fidelity sketches or whiteboard drawings.

  2. Prototyping

    I have experience using web frameworks that make it easy to generate interactive prototypes for internal/client review. I like Bootstrap and Middleman.

  3. Coding

    At my day-job I am a Front-End Engineer. There, I employ a modern workflow with Sublime, Sass, NPM, Bower, Git...

  4. Design

    I graduated in 2006 with a degree in Visual Arts (focused in Graphic Design) from SUNY New Paltz. There, I learned the history, theory, and application of Graphic Design.

Recent Work

* Some of my projects are under NDA or have not been launched yet. For more work contact me at info[at]danrootdesign.com.